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Alien Encounters

True-Life Stories of UFOs and other Extra-Terrestrial Phenomena. With New Pentagon Files

Rupert Matthews

192 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Covers all aspects of alien contact, including abductions, and contains images from the declassified case files of UFO sightings.

New, updated introduction to the subject by UFO expert author Rupert Matthews.

Case files of recent UFO encounters, including the files released in 2020 by NASA and the Pentagon.

Author Bio
Rupert Matthews is a long-established historical writer with numerous books to his name, including Hitler: Military Commander, The Age of the Gladiators, Usurpers and Kingmakers, a biography of the American artist Frederic Remington, and The 20th Century in Pictures, a photographic review of the century. Rupert is married to Joanna and lives in Surrey.