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Maze Quest

A Thrilling Puzzle Story with 28 Interactive Mazes

William Potter Laura Horton

64 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

The colorful and fantastical artwork style of Alice Brereton is instantly appealing, immersing the reader in lush, detailed scenes.

The mazes in this book encourage logical thinking and help to develop systematic problem-solving skills.

Includes 28 unique mazes featuring multiple routes and solutions, as well as search and find elements.

Author Bio

William Potter is a prolific author of children's non-fiction. He has also written and edited a wide range of well-known comics and magazines, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sonic the Comic, Marvel Fact Files, Marvel Chess Specials and DC Chess Collection. He lives in Haslemere, UK.

Laura Horton is a freelance illustrator and game designer. Born near Salt Lake City, Utah, she is currently living in Espoo, Finland, to obtain an M.A. degree in game design and production. She has a B.F.A. in illustration & animation from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and has been featured in juried exhibitions and competitions, including the 2014 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Exhibition and the MIAD Senior Juried Exhibition.