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10,000 Dreams Interpreted

How to Use Your Dreams to Enhance Your Life and Relationships

Pamela Ball

576 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Shows you how you enter the virtual reality of your dreams while awake, and communicate with dream characters and creatures to unfold the amazing.

Make full use of the calming and inspirational effects of dream interpretation to enhance your life.

Explains how dreams can reveal aspects of your mind, body and spirit. Helps you clarify the meaning of your dreams and understand the language of dreams.

Author Bio
Pamela J Ball is an author and career development counselor who helps clients, on an individual and corporate basis, to progress successfully in all aspects of their lives. Pam's core interest is in healing on all levels and was sparked when she worked as a sick children's nurse. This was also the time when she developed an interest in dreams and their significance, which would ultimately lead her towards her career as an extremely successful counselor and dream interpreter.Most of Pam's work - other than as an eminent author - over the last ten years has been as a business trainer and therapist in the USA, Switzerland and the UK. Pam has worked with companies in different fields throughout the business world to assist them in instigating management changes. She is also a well-known and particularly humorous after-dinner speaker. Pam is also a psychic, whose unparalleled powers in this field have enabled her to unearth some of the most amazing facts about past and present events, not accessible to most people, as demonstrated in her books.