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Atlantis and Other Lost Worlds

New Evidence of Ancient Secrets

Frank Joseph

256 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

The new hit Netflix docuseries Ancient Apocalypse (2022) explores the sunken city of Atlantis in episode 4, 'Ghosts of a Drowned World'. This coverage has created renewed interest in the mystery of Atlantis.

This adventurous volume delves into the most celebrated legendary civilizations and cities, beginning with Atlantis, but also including Camelot, El Dorado, and Lemuria.

The perfect combination of history facts and conspiracy theories, making it an interesting read for people interested in both.

Author Bio
Frank Joseph is a leading authority in study of Atlantis and the former editor-in-chief of Ancient American, a popular science magazine focusing on possible journeys to the Americas pre-Columbus. His other works on this topic include The Destruction of Atlantis, The Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake and Sacred Sites of the West.