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Look Up!

Fontaine the Pigeon Starts a Revolution

32 pages
Paw Prints Publishing
Fontaine, a small pigeon, is fed up with the world's addiction to technology. In response, he rallies a cohort of birds and, with their help, leads an ICKY revolution that forces people to put down their phones, look up, and connect with nature and each other.

Told in lyrical verse and with quirky, poignant illustrations, Look Up! Fontaine the Pigeon Starts a Revolution is a humorous blend of cautionary tale and storytime fun that’ll spark conversation and delight readers of all ages.
Author Bio
Britt Gondolfi grew up in the elder millennial era. She reminisces about having a screen-free childhood, minus a little Nintendo, TV, and slow dial-up desktop, but no smartphones. Concerned over how her cell phone took her attention away from her child, she wrote Look Up! Fontaine the Pigeon Starts a Revolution as an urban legend joke for her daughter. Now, if she ever gets too caught up in her cell phone, her six-year-old will politely remind her, “Mom, you better put that away before a bird poops on you! She works as a Rights of Nature policy advocate for the Bioneers organization and is a recent graduate of Loyola University College of Law. As a former teacher and lover of literature, typewriters, and poetry, she hopes this book will inspire people to look at their relationship with technology and take more time to look up.

Amanda Romanick is a multi-disciplinary artist whose passion and education for craft began at the young age of 5-years-old when she was hand-selected for the Talented Arts Program in her hometown parish and she began to focus heavily on creative education and outlets, like drawing and painting. Eventually, she graduated with honors from the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a concentration in illustration and sequential art. Amanda is also a mom of a young child and felt the need to do her to create more balance between natural engagement and screen use. Britt and Amanda are good friends and creative partners, and enjoy playdates with their kiddos in New Orleans, where they are both based.