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Forsynthia: Rise of the Cupcakes

144 pages
Paw Prints Publishing

A Children’s Book Council Summer 2024 Showcase: Imagination Celebration! Pick

In Forsynthia: Rise of the Cupcakes, the first installment in a brand new funny and fun-loving early reader graphic novel series, author-illustrator Rachel DiNunzio introduces us to Forsynthia, a young dragon, and her family, and puts them in all sorts of adventures that blend science, fantasy, mystery, and fun.

Forsynthia and her little sister Daisy bake their Mom (a scientist for the Secret Magical Bureau) cupcakes for her birthday. But they all get more than they bargained for when a cupcake merges with the magical artifact Mom has been studying and a villainous mega-cupcake forms, multiplies, and then attempts to take over their town of New Harmony! Will Forsynthia and family capture Megacupcake, save mayor Loren, put stop to the chaos, and save the day?

"Action-packed! Cupcake-packed!! Jetpack-packed!!! It's better than 'Great Things to Do in 1982.' Way better!!!! You'll see!" - Tom Angleberger, author-illustrator of New York Times bestselling Origami Yoda series

Author Bio
Rachel DiNunzio is a trained artist, children's author, and graphic designer, whose work revolves around kindness & creativity. She lives in Buffalo, NY with her husband, two kids, and many animals.