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Spanish Colonial Paintings Paired with Engraved Sources

Connie Spenuzza

200 pages
Libros Publishing LLC
“EXPERIENCE A COLLECTOR'S LIFELONG PASSION FOR THE SPANISH COLONIAL ART THAT IS HER HERITAGE.” Sojourn with Connie Spenuzza, the international-award-winning author of historical fiction, as she showcases this groundbreaking Spanish colonial art catalog. A native of Quito, Ecuador, one of the historical artistic centers during South America's colonial era (1534-1825 CE), Connie has cultivated a lifelong appreciation and knowledge of the Spanish colonial art she has judiciously collected. She shares her enthusiasm by creating this catalog designed for both novices and connoisseurs of this historical period in art history. In this unique catalog, Connie pairs sixteenth-to nineteenth-century European engraved sources with the Spanish colonial paintings in this collection. This relationship reveals that the engraved sources of the Old World served as models for the paintings produced in the New World, thereby inspiring local painters to create an innovative art style. The fusion of the collector's personal art quest with the erudite essays from contributing scholars will capture the imagination of the art lover.
Author Bio
Connie Spenuzza M.S. Ed., received First Place from the International Latino Book Awards for her novels Lucia Zárate (2017), Missing in Machu Picchu (2013) and Traces of Bliss (2012). Her travel memoir Jubilant Journeys (2019) was awarded Second Place, following first place winner and Nobel Peace Prize nominee José Andrés. The Association of American Publishers and the Las Comadres International organization selected her novels to the National Latino Book Club. In 2017, Foreword Reviews selected Lucía Zárate as Indie Book Finalist, Parisian Promises (2014) was the runner-up for the Paris Book Award and Gathering the Indigo Maidens (2011) was a finalist for the Mariposa Award. Her children’s bilingual fables: Olinguito Speaks Up, Lalo Loves to Help, and Howl of the Mission Owl have received numerous awards. Her pen name for the works above is Cecilia Velástegui. Connie was born in Ecuador and raised in California and France. She received her graduate degree from the University of Southern California, speaks four languages, and has traveled to 127 countries. Connie donates the proceeds from the sale of her books to the fight against human trafficking. She lives in Dana Point, California.