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You Can Rise Up

Karlene Stewart

96 pages
CLM Publishing

Many of us strive for healing and release in our lives. We want to be more fulfilled and at peace. We want to rise up above struggles and pain and become a better person!

Get an insight into how this may be possible, in this Christian fiction novel from Karlene Stewart called You Can Rise Up. In this fictional autobiography, learn how a young, beautiful, strong-willed girl named Carla Henderson falls to the guiles and charm of a misguided young man. While Carla is clearly tricked by her seducer, the author conveys how Carla's reckless behavior and disregard for authority is what steers her into the hands of her villain and along a self-destructive path.

As we read how Carla's life unfolds, get insight into the dramatic benefits of doing what is right and turning to God as a source of guidance.

This book is built around two very clear concepts:

  • choose the safer, more righteous path in life; and
  • Release your negative past and find peace again.

As we journey through Carla Henderson's life, we also see ways in which we can improve our own life, starting with self-analysis and being honest with ourselves about what works well and what areas need to change.

This book also highlights the importance of forgiving yourself, releasing the past and seeking guidance through a higher power. If you or someone you know have been through many bad circumstances, low after low, and you wonder how can anyone come back from all that, read You Can Rise Up and learn how it is possible to start the process of healing and start life afresh.

Forgive yourself and overcome past pains.

Author Bio

Karlene Stewart was born in Kingston, Jamaica and now resides in the Cayman Islands. She is the author of You Can Rise Up, Let My Soul Bare, Meet the Imaginative Joe Dreamer and What If...All You Can Imagine.

Karlene holds a Master of Arts Degree in Communication for Social and Behaviour Change from the University of the West Indies. Karlene began her published writing in her teenage years as a Youth Writer with Jamaica's national newspaper The Gleaner. Today she focuses mostly on writing blogs and e-books.

Karlene also works full time as a Corporate Administrator.