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Markers on the Journey Toward Becoming a House of Prayer

P. Douglas Small

225 pages
Alive Publications
Milestones: Markers on the Journey Toward Becoming a House of Prayer is a roadmap to make your church "a house of prayer for the nations."

Readers will learn:

  • Why a pastor's call is to be a man of prayer first, a holy man of God second, and only then a preacher
  • Why a pastor is called to watch the flock he feeds in prayer
  • How the church is called to be a missional community, as concerned for the lost as they are for their own nurture
  • How the church is called to bring prayerful creativity and deep dependence on God to the heart of everything it does
  • Why prayer should not merely be a prop for congregational activities

Everything begins in prayer and is sustained in prayer – a praying people constitute a praying church, and a praying church is a church revived and awakened. Whether you follow this guide fastidiously or casually, you and your prayer team will be stretched in their thinking, advised, admonished, counseled, about the practical aspects of change as your congregation re-centers itself in Christocentric, transformational prayer with a missional interface.

Author Bio
P. Douglas Small is a Bible teacher and has served as a pastor and on the faculty of a number of accredited Bible Colleges, but his focus for 25 years has been teaching and training in pastor's events, conferences, and schools. He is an ordained bishop and the founding president of Alive Ministries. He conducts schools of prayer and consultations for cities wanting to engage in a "decade of destiny," working with pastors, vocational Christians, and intercessors. Small is married to Barbara Ruth with whom he shares five children and 17 grandchildren.