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Rickie Trujillo

Nicholas Bradley

231 pages
Upper Hand Press Llc
Rickie Trujillo details the events of one white-hot weekend in the life of a drifting Mexican-American teen.
Unlike the others in his crew, Rickie has mad baseball skills to usher him out of their poor Los Angeles neighborhood where schools are safe havens from the streets, not places to learn; where tag-bangers wreak revenge on anyone who crosses them out; where sirens sound in the night after shootings when someone has given the wrong answer to, “Where’re you from?”
The sudden appearance of Rickie’s father, who abandoned his son in childhood, kindles Rickie’s powderhouse of rage over a life deprived of adult caring. He lashes out in a hot-headed impulse to commit a meaingless crime. When he and his friend Alex are caught by the police, Rickie’s anger turns into panic. Running for his life, Rickie races through the neighborhood looking for a way to escape—and for his own good reasons to survive—his life.
Author Bio
Nicholas Bradley worked as an English and ESL teacher in junior high, middle, and high school in Los Angeles throughout his thirty year career. The schools where he taught were in the center of neighborhoods of poverty and crime, gangs, drugs and graffiti, the setting of his novel, Rickie Trujillo. Many of the students he taught and tutored during his career were, like Rickie, active gang members and/or taggers.
During the ten years in Los Angeles preceding his teaching career, Bradley worked as a road musician, truck driver, messenger, and pianist.