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Hope and Healing from Eating Disorders

A 31-Day Devotional

Marie O'Toole

78 pages
Calvary Press
Is it possible to be truly free from a life-threatening addiction? According to God's Word, it is. From the author of Redeemed from the Pit comes a 31-day devotional promising Hope and Healing from Eating Disorders. This resource will help the reader recognize the lies she has believed; idols she has embraced; and self-destructive behaviors that have replaced worship of the One True God. Far from being a “self-help” guide, the guidance offered in this little booklet is intended to help the eating disordered Christian to rely on the Holy Spirit for help as she seeks to obey Him. Offering guidance from the Scriptures, author Marie O'Toole demonstrates how practically to "put off" unhealthy thought patterns that lead down the road of anorexia and bulimia, and to "put on" God-honoring thoughts in their place. Once the reader sees an eating disorder for what it is a "worship" disorder true heart change can begin and Christ heals her soul and leads her to walk in victory. This booklet offers tremendous practical, emotional, and spiritual guidance.
Author Bio
Marie O'Toole (formerly "Notcheva") is a Christian writer and mother of four from Massachusetts. Since 2011, her diverse speaking engagements have led her from women's conferences in New England to summer camps in Albania. Passionate about the Word of God, Marie's ministry is to broken and abused women. Her other books include, Redeemed from the Pit: Biblical Repentance and Restoration from the Bondage of Eating Disorders and Fractured Covenants: The Hidden Problem of Marital Abuse in the Church.