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The Praying Church Handbook—Volume III

The Pastor and the Congregation

P. Douglas Small

716 pages
Alive Publications
This handbook is a collection of substantive reflections on prayer. Contributors include global and national leaders, as well as Church of God authors, leaders and intercessors. The completed set includes 4 volumes: Volume II-Personal and Family Prayer; Volume III-The Pastor and the Congregation; Volume IV-Intercessory Prayer and Missions to be released in 2016. The chapters are sprinkled with prayer quotes, and interjected with prayer vignettes. Each chapter is introduced with an historic note or prayer story. The book is contemporary, relevant, addressing cutting edge issues-contextualizing prayer, prophetic and priestly intercession, spiritual mapping, unreached peoples and prayer, a history of prayer including a special focus on the family and prayer, fathers and prayer. Each chapter of the book opens with a wonderful Window Through Time-a story of our history including the call to prayer that led to the mysterious release of Herman Lauster from the Nazi Prison Camp; pioneer stories of such legendary figures as J. W. Buckalew and Paul H. Walker, the stories of prayer and our early Church of God history; profiles of praying leaders and churches; testimonies of God's intervention. It is a relevant book, one that will help you build a strong foundation for the future, without forgetting the past.
Author Bio
P. Douglas Small is a Bible teacher-that is the love of his life. He has served as a pastor and on the faculty of a number of accredited Bible Colleges, but his focus for twenty-five years has been teaching and training in pastor's events, conferences and schools. He is an Ordained Bishop. And he is the founding president of Alive Ministries. He conducts schools of prayer and consultations for cities wanting to engage in a 'decade of destiny', working with pastors, vocational Christians and intercessors. Doug is married to Barbara Ruth with whom he shares five children and seventeen grandchildren.