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Color Her

A Mix 'n Match Coloring Book

15 pages
Peter V Sellars
Professional designers artists and moms Iris Glaser and Katrin Leblond have teamed up to create a feminist coloring book for all ages Color Her: Mix AEYn Match Coloring Book. Mix and match fabulous female icons from mythological to modern day to create visions of AEYAber-womenAEOAEOmulti-faceted and full of surprises. This is girl-power creativity for all ages.\n\nCan't decide if You're a farm girl or a circus girl? AE?\nEver feel like a modern day multitasking warrior goddess?AE?\nFantasize about sporting a skateboard or a mermaid tail or both simultaneously?\nEnvision endless possibilities of womanhood in these pages.\nPlus draw your own portrait and add yourself to the mix.\n\nNot your typical coloring book Color Her invites us to discover and play with the myriad roles we inhabit as women. ItAEOs a fun and creative tool for young girls to explore images of women beyond the princesses and ballerinas of traditional coloring books. ItAEOs an empowering holiday gift for the mom daughter sister raging granny aunt wife partner girlfriend baby mama student teacher or special amiga in your life. Printed on premium multimedia cardstock this coloring book can handle any medium even watercolor.