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Many Happy Returns

The Story of Henry Bloch, America’s Tax Man

Thomas M. Bloch

240 pages
Ascend Books
Does the very thought of preparing your own taxes give you a headache? Get to know the man who is responsible for helping more than 20 million taxpayers with this dreaded annual burden. Many Happy Returns tells the compelling story of the unlikely American hero through Henry's son Tom, who worked alongside his father for nearly twenty years and interviewed him extensively for this book. As a budding entrepreneur, Bloch could barely eke out a living. Discover how he started his company from the bottom up, and get a rare look at the inner dynamics of one of the most well-known brands in America. Along the way, you'll also meet some of the people who shaped his philosophy on business and life, and receive invaluable tips on entrepreneurship from the man whose hard work, vision, and pioneering spirit set the standard for those seeking true success. As much a personal story as a business story, Many Happy Returns offers intimate details about Henry Bloch's belief in the importance of mentoring and giving back. Once you've read this story of struggle and success, you'll never feel the same about April 15th!
Author Bio
Thomas M. Bloch is an author, speaker, educator, entrepreneur, former CEO of H & R Block, and the son of its co-founder, Henry Bloch. Tom Worked closely with his father at H & R Block for nearly two decades, serving as President and CEO while Henry was Chairman of the Board. In 1995 Tom Bloch resigned as CEO to become a teacher in an impoverished inner-city section of Kansas City. He co-founded University Academy, an eminently successful urban college preparatory charter school. Tom’s highly acclaimed book, "Stand for the Best", chronicles his journey from the corporate boardroom to an inner-city classroom.