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Winning With Purpose, Raising Our Game and Lifting Our Teammates, On and Off the Court

Satch Sullinger

224 pages
Ascend Books
Sports is filled with successful coaches, but Satch Sullinger’s story offers championship-level inspiration to players, parents and coaches who care about values and winning the right way, on and off the court. In an ego-soaked era where highlights and sound bites speak to a “me first” societal mentality, Sullinger’s message cuts through the din, to the core of what matters most: mastering the fundamentals of selflessness that allow us to raise our game, lift our teammates and rise to collective glory. Winning With Purpose: Raising Our Game and Lifting Our Teammates, On and Off the Court is a motivational must-read, an absorbing exploration of the power that exists in all of us to eliminate excuses, overcome adversity and achieve success in the name of greater team good. In Winning With Purpose, Satch Sullinger serves notice that character-check crunch time is upon us, that lasting victory in life can happen only when we slam-dunk selfishness and commit ourselves to our teammates. Ultimately, Sullinger’s message in Winning With Purpose is simple: Get your heart and mind right, and your game will follow. Then, you’ll be in prime position to rise to your potential and enjoy uncommon team success. Winning With Purpose is a crucial wakeup call to players and parents, as well.