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21st Century Guide to Wellness

Robert Buchanan

596 pages
His Kingdom Investments Inc
In this wonderful book 21st Century Guide to wellness you will discover over 350 illnesses and diseases and how to apply 1st Century natural medicine to a 21st Century culture, and how to experience drug free remedies for over 350 illnesses. This book covers the pathology, the symptoms, and causes of each disease discussed.
Author Bio
I now have over 30 years experience in the field of Health & Nutrition, which I am certified in the field, now completing my 3 book series in Health & Nutrition. It is my passion to share with all people the knowledge I have obtained in the field of Health & Nutrition, that I may help as many people as possible with the struggles poor health can bring. With my books you can increase your knowledge to improve many health conditions, this is my passion to help people reverse the 3 leading causes of death worldwide, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.