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Life, Cancer and God

The Essential Guide to Beating Sickness & Disease by Blending Spiritual Truths with the Natural Laws of Health

Dale Black Paula Black

Black Eagle Publishing Inc
In the prime of life, a wife, mother, and businesswoman, Paula Black, heard the dreaded words: It's cancer. Doctors gave her three to six months to live. With her husband Dale's help, they tirelessly researched every conventional and alternative cancer treatment available. They discovered God-given methods that treat the whole person and the root causes of disease. Paula eventually succeeded without chemotherapy or radiation. Her advanced-stage cancer was gone. She got her life back. Using this book as your complete guide, you can do what she did”easily, painlessly, at low cost, and at home. Never fear cancer again!
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Paula Black is a businesswoman, author, Bible teacher, and seminar speaker. As an advanced-stage cancer survivor, she and her husband help others learn their one-of-a-kind approach to health and healing, which treats the whole person—body, soul, and spirit. Dale Black is a former airline pilot, ordained minister, and the author of Flight to Heaven. As the only survivor of an airplane crash, with massive life-threatening injuries, he used many of the principles described in this book to get well. His life-after-death experience has equipped him with an unusual capacity to recognize truth. Dale has a BA degree, an MA in theology, and a PhD in business. He leads the Life, Cancer, and God Seminars, where he and Paula teach their unique body, soul, and spirit approach to beating cancer and many other diseases. Paula and Dale have been married since college, have two grown children, and live in Southern California.