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Scandalous Mercy

When God Goes Beyond The Boundaries

Emmanuel Maillard

334 pages
Children of Medjugorje Inc

Why Scandalous Mercy?

In these pages the reader will discover unexplored aspects of the Heart of God that you might think are crazy! Crazy with love! You will meet Mother Teresa, Maryam of Bethlehem, a Nazi criminal, a priest condemned to hell, a high ranking abortionist, a drug dealer from Brazil, a furious mother-in-law, a sick child...and in the middle of all this, the most beautiful Heart of Christ, who is calling ALL His children.

This beautiful selection of testimonies and "little flowers" picked from everyday life will capture the reader on two levels: first, the reader of this book will find his achy heart soothed and enriched by new ways to find hope in our difficult world today; second, he will be shocked to learn that these stories are true. They will make you laugh, cry, even tremble, but one thing is certain, they will all amaze you!

Author Bio
Sister Emmanuel was born in France in 1947. She graduated from Sorbonne University with a diploma in Literature and History of Fine Arts. She entered the Beatitudes Community in 1976 and has been living in Medjugorje sine 1989. Sister's ministry is deeply embedded in the New Evangelization, feeding souls with the Gospel message of hope through her speaking engagements, books, and various other media productions.