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The Beautiful Story of Medjugorje

As Told to Children from 7 to 97

Sister Emmanuelle Maillard

61 pages
Children of Medjugorje Inc
Desiring a simple way to address the many questions of pilgrims about the first days in Medjugorje Sr. Emmanuel wrote this little book to "get it down on paper." Drawing from her many interviews with the visionaries in this book you will follow the experiences of the six little shepherds and their shock when they saw "The Lady" appearing to them in 1981. You will see how Vicka and Jokov actually experienced the reality of life beyond this world and what happened when Our Lady took them with her on the most extraordinary journey to Heaven Purgatory and Hell. Sister Emmanuel writes about this book: "It is an adventure story except that this story is true and is happening right now for you!"