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A is for Aspen

Maria Kernahan Michael Schafbuch

56 pages
Dry Climate Studios

A perfect keepsake for any local or visitor, A Is for Aspen is a charming picture book that explores the town of Aspen, Colorado, through short, sweet rhymes and clean, graphic illustrations. Explore this iconic mountain town from yoga at the top of Ajax Mountain to rafting the whitecaps on the Roaring Fork River. Stops include snowboarding on Buttermilk Mountain, hiking the Bowl at the Highlands and the spectacle of extreme athleticism at the X-Games.

This Aspen, Colorado children’s book celebrates everything that both locals and visitors love about this special mountain town.

Author Bio
Maria Kernahan and Michael Schafbuch teamed up to create “love letters” to their favorite places. Maria is a writer with a background in advertising and Michael is a successful fine artist based in Seattle.