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Kentucky Woman

Mike J. Brogan

324 pages
Lighthouse Publishing
In KENTUCKY WOMAN, an infant, Ellie Stuart, is adopted by a poor, but loving couple in Kentucky. When she's sixteen, they die leaving her alone. In college Ellie searches for her biological parents with the help of law student, Quinn Parker. But there's a problem. A man is trying to kill her. Then they discover why. Ellie might be daughter of a wealthy man who died with no heirs. But even after several valid DNA tests prove she cannot possibly be his daughter—the man is still trying to kill her, and she and Quinn have to run for their lives.
Author Bio
Mike Brogan is the Writer’s Digest award-winning author of BUSINESS TO KILL FOR, “the equal of any thriller read in recent years…” He spent years in the crazy Mad Men ad world and won numerous awards. In London, he experienced terrorism up close… sixty feet close. Which led to his award-wining thrillers DEAD AIR and G8.