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Girl I Used To Know

How to Find Yourself Again & Put Personal Priority Back On Your To-Do-List

Marla Majewski Leah Furman

Macam Publishing
In a rut? Feel like you have too many things to do, but none of it includes anything for you? Get motivated and learn how to put personal priority back on your to-do list, and create an inspired plan to reach your goals and dreams. Marla Majewski, founder of Inspire Empire Company, will provide practical tools to get you back to feeling like the girl you used to know before kids, marriage, and life took over.
Author Bio
Marla Majewski is the founder of Inspire Empire Company and creator of the ten-week motivational program Getting Back to the Girl You Used to Know. Through her work as a life coach, motivational speaker, and writer, she provides advice, tools, and tips to help women fit in the focus, action, and progress needed to always have personal priorities on their to-do list—especially during the crazy years of raising children, juggling financial obligations, and/or pursuing a career. She understands what makes and keeps women motivated to better themselves and improve their lives, and has used her messages to bring positive change to her clients, audiences, and readers.