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Consumption Economics

The New Rules of Tech

J. B. Wood Todd Hewlin Thomas Lah

240 pages
Point B Inc
If you're a tech company, the most dramatic effect of megatrends like cloud computing, managed services, and the rise of consumer technology won't be felt in your company's product line. The true disruption will be to your business model. Future customers won't want to pay you high prices out of big "CapEx" budgets anymore. They will expect lower "cloud" prices paid from "OpEx" budgets only when and if they successfully consume the business value of your products. How your company reacts to this risk shift could either accelerate the commoditization of your products or lead you to a new stage of profitable growth. For the first time, the tools are on the table to truly eliminate barriers of cost and complexity created by the last generation of tech. Consumption Economics is the owner's manual for tech company executives who want to drive their company successfully into the next one.
Author Bio
J. B. Wood is president and CEO of the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). He is a frequent industry speaker and author of the popular book Complexity Avalanche (2009), and has appeared in Fortune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other leading publications.Through TSIA, Wood works with the world's largest tech companies on strategies to extend their innovation platform beyond the lab and into the customer experience. He was formerly the CEO of Prognostics and Executive Vice President of InsightExpress.Todd Hewlin is managing director of TCG Advisors, a Silicon Valley consulting firm renowned for its work helping companies cross the chasm to breakout growth. Previously a partner at McKinsey and a senior executive at Symbol Technologies, Hewlin is regularly found in the boardroom of public and private technology leaders advising them on growth strategy and business transformation. He is an innovative thinker, compelling speaker, and influential author, with articles published in the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey Quarterly.Thomas Lah is executive director of the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). Since 1996, Lah has helped a broad range of companies establish or improve their professional services organizations and is knownworldwide for his incisive analysis, strategic thinking, and creative solutions. He is a sought-after industry speaker and has authored several books, including Building Professional Services: The Sirens' Song (2002), Mastering Professional Services (2005), and Bridging the Services Chasm (2009).