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Complexity Avalanche

Overcoming the Threat to Technology Adoption

J. B. Wood

194 pages
Point B Inc
Most customers struggle to keep up, and usually settle for far less value than they could (and should) get from their technology purchases. Unfortunately, most tech companies today lack an effective plan for driving customer success. A new business model for the tech industry is needed, one that requires radically different thinking about the future of services, sales, R&D priorities, and how companies create shareholder value. This new way of doing business views the use of the product as the beginning of a journey with a customer, not the end. In Complexity Avalanche, J. B. Wood offers an innovative new approach for companies in IT, consumer electronics, office products, medical technology, and other complex technology markets to better map their services portfolio to their customers' true need: getting value from the product. The growing consumption gap caused by the avalanche of complexity that these companies have unleashed on their customers is undermining feature-based differentiation as a competitive advantage. Results-based differentiation, actually measured by customers' may be the next "Big Thing" in tech. Developing an innovative service approach to the problem will not only be a good standalone business for tech companies, but it could also drive more frequent and larger product repurchases along with a host of other financial benefits. Complexity Avalanche offers technology companies a roadmap for moving to this next level of services. It examines the implications on company-wide organizational structure, product development, and the fundamental nature of the customer relationship. Most importantly, Complexity Avalanche defines what "The Rise of Services" will mean to tech company offerings and sources of profit in the future. This is not a book strictly for service executives. This is a book for every executive whose company builds, sells, or supports technology.