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More Than Money

How To Leave a Lasting Legacy to Your Family

Alexis Neely

204 pages
Celebrity Press
What is life really all about? Why are we really here? What do you really leave behind when you die? This is a book that answers those questions for you, not on the spiritual or metaphysical plane, but instead from the perspective that matters most to us-how will you impact those people you care about most after you are gone?

In this unique collaborative-style book, these questions are answered by some of the top lawyers throughout the United States and Canada who specialize in this field. Why are lawyers answering the questions about the meaning of life, why we are here, and what really happens when we die? Because these lawyers have an up-close and personal view of the reality of what we leave behind on a continuing basis. They work with their clients daily to help leave a meaningful and lasting legacy that is about so much more than money.
Author Bio
The Leading Attorneys from Around the World who contributed are:

Alexis Neely, Esq., Martha J. Hartney, Esq., Richard S. Carlyon, Esq., Kristina R. Haymes, Esq., Kyra Fischbeck-Howell, Esq., Gemini Adams, Judy Ross, Esq., Meg Obenauf, Esq., Peter Sahin, Esq., Christine Faulkner, Esq., Teresa De Ford, Esq., R. DeDe Soto, Esq., Rowel Manasan, Esq., Gary L. Winter, Esq., and Robert Galliano, Esq.