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The Relationship Age

Creating Profitable Relationships in the World of Social Media

Katrina Kavvalos Jackie T. Ewing Mari Smith

263 pages
Celebrity Press
The Relationship Age is a collection of strategies from leading social media experts around the world that will help you navigate the world of social media—online and offline. Most people only discuss the new online tools when discussing social media, and while those are important, they aren't the whole story. Social media is any form of media that starts a discussion with the goal of creating relationships. Whether you're just getting started, or you are a social media expert yourself, this book will open doors to strategies that you can implement today to help you grow your business by creating relationships. So, open up and dig in.
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Learn proven strategies for creating profitable relationships from these experts:

Mari Smith, Nick Nanton, Esq., J. W. Dicks, Esq., Lindsay Dicks, Dr. Jon Alfredsson, PhD, Georgia L. McCabe, David White, Steve and Pam Brossman, Katerina Morjanoff, Jackie T. Ewing, Mark J. Buhagiar, Emma Tiebens, Pam Moore, Karen Purves, Barbara Pender, Katrina Kavvalos, Dr. Brad Semp, PhD, Dechen Lau, Eileen O’Neill, Carol Roy, Leslie Montgomery, Beverly Dracos, Mari Uusitalo, Angie O’Shannessy, and Kathy Hagenbuch.