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A Suzuki Tune Explosion

David Cutler

96 pages
Helius Press

SuperNova is an exhilarating composition by David Cutler that dramatically reimagines the 17 pieces from Suzuki Violin School, Volume 1. While melodies remain largely unchanged, rhythm section accompaniments are virtuosic, exploratory, and super fun, inspired by different musical genres from around the globe.

1. Twinkle Variations (FOLK ROCK)

2. Lightly Row (BOOGIE)

3. Song of the Wind (RAGTIME)

4. Go Tell Aunt Rhody (FUNK)

5. O Come, Little Children (CHA-CHA-CHA)

6. May Song (MARCH)

7. Long, Long Ago (BALLAD)

8. Allegro (KLEZMER)

9. Perpetual Motion (CALYPSO)

10. Allegretto (SALSA/FLAMENCO)

11. Andantino (PROGRESSIVE ROCK)

12. Etude (NEW AGE)

13. Minuet 1 (TECHNO)

14. Minuet 2 (SPANISH BAROQUE)

15. Minuet 3 (JAZZ WALTZ)

16. Happy Farmer (STRIDE)

17. Gavotte (TANGO)

Whether you're a music teacher, performer, student, parent, or alumni with past exposure to Suzuki repertoire, prepare to be inspired!

Author Bio

Dr. David Cutler is a pianist and composer who knows no boundaries. Equally comfortable with classical, jazz, popular, folk, and world music, he is a self-proclaimed WEEKEND TRAVELER. “I’ve toured the globe in search of fascinating sounds. Rather than authentic recreation, however, ingredients marinate in my brain alongside numerous memories. Then I shake them up, like mixing paints.” What comes out is uniquely his own.

His COMPOSITIONS have been performed by Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Classical Orchestra of Milan, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Korean Chamber Ensemble, Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Boston Brass, Airmen of Note, jazz violinist Christian Howes, singer Nancy Wilson, trumpeter Sean Jones, clarinetist David Krakauer, piano duo Anderson & Roe, and saxophonist Benny Golson.

One of the world’s leading voices on arts entrepreneurship, Cutler has led KEYNOTES and WORKSHOPS for Music Teachers National Association, College Music Society, Juilliard School, Dutch Classical Music Meeting, Chamber Music America, New World Symphony Orchestra, Indiana University, and Italy’s soundSCAPE music festival. His books The Savvy Musician and The Savvy Music Teacher provide tools for amplifying income, impact, and innovation. He is a Yamaha “Master Educator in Innovation.”

Cutler and his consulting firm THE PUZZLER COMPANY (www.ThePuzzlerCompany.com) work with arts, business, and education organizations to foster innovation. His upcoming VISUAL book (illustrations and design throughout) helps teams turn problems into GAMEs and play to win.

Dr. Cutler serves as Distinguished Professor of Music Entrepreneurship at University of South Carolina. He is a member of Liberty Fellowship and Aspen Global Leadership Network, organizations aimed at building a more just society.