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Open Up and Say Aaah!

Discover...Who You Are Now Shape...Who You Are Becoming Create...What You Want to Experience

Erica Peitler

Circle Takes The Square
Readers will learn to take a personal and self-directed leadership journey into the practice of aaah! With an easy to use diagnostic tool readers will identify his or her change readiness in any area of life with a customized assessment for where to focus to get unstuck and move forward. Then with the breakthrough Open Up and Say aaah! model, readers will visually see and be guided to overcome the challenges of change. In these pages, readers will be introduced to the powerful concept of Selfhood and meet the Curious Seeker, Courageous Finder, and Conscious Creator. While other self-help books attempt to give the answers, Open Up and Say aaah! is an experiential learning adventure which is fun, engaging and visually compelling as it provides the questions to reveal the most important personal insights.
Author Bio
Erica Peitler is a leadership coach, author and speaker with expertise in transformational change. Taking her learning from a successful 20-year corporate career at the highest levels of leadership she now works with curious and courageous leaders who want to discover who they are, shape who they are becoming, and create the experiences they want to have in their professional and personal lives. Her firm, Erica Peitler & Associates, is dedicated to the discovery, expression and experience of full potential leadership within individuals and teams. Peitler is also a Group Chair with Vistage International, the leading CEO membership organization in the world. She facilitates monthly meetings with 15-18 CEOs and provides Executive Leadership Coaching to each member.