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The Great Battle Is Unfolding

How to Approach the End of Our Times with Peace

Kelly Bowring

300 pages
Two Hearts Press
From the best-selling author, Dr. Kelly Bowring, comes a new book about the last great battle of history and how we can know with certainty that it is upon us in this generation. This easily readable book analyzes the Bible's end times prophecies and relates them to credible modern heavenly messages to present the complete picture of the signs of our times. This incredible book includes: The Great Tribulation, The Great Apostasy, The Great Havoc of War and Disaster, The Great Warning and Miracle, The Great Renewal, The Great Persecution, The Great Chastisement, and The Great Victory. This book is a handbook on how to approach the end of our times with peace. You will find yourself engaged and inspired as you turn its pages. You will refer to this book time and time again as your reference and study guide to the unfolding of the apocalyptic events of our times and the road map to the era of peace to come.
Author Bio
Dr. Kelly Bowring is a popular speaker, theologian, and author who has had a distinguished career as a Dean, Chair, and Professor of Theology at several universities. He and his wife, Diana, have 8 children.