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Abandonando El Barco

Cómo evitar que sus hijos abandonen el barco

Michael Pearl Debi Pearl

110 pages
No Greater Joy Ministries
There is a troubling trend showing up among some of the home-school crowd. Their children are discontent and rebellious, jumping ship as soon as they think they can survive without the family”some as young as sixteen years old. Michael Pearl addressed this issue in a series of No Greater Joy Magazine articles in 2006. These have now been compiled into this book, along with new material and an additional two chapters covering further issues.
Author Bio
Michael Pearl, founder and director of No Greater Joy Ministries, has written on child training and family issues for many years. He has ministered to three generations, watching them grow from children to parents themselves. He and his wife Debi have been married since 1971 and were among the pioneers in the home-schooling movement. Between him and his wife they have authored fourteen books and eight booklets, which combined, have sold millions. Much of what he writes deals with marriage, child training, and home-schooling.