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Bob Adamov

288 pages
Packard Island Publishing


Prequel to Assateague Dark

From Put-in-Bay to Key West to Cuba

In 1928 a Pinkerton detective in a Ford trimotor plane chases a Flagler treasure train to Key West during the Okeechobee Hurricane. Neither makes their destination.

Put-in-Bay's investigative reporter, Emerson Moore, learns of this mystery during a visit to Bellevue, Ohio's train museum. Working on a Cuba to Key West drug trafficking story, Moore goes undercover in a Key West bar, hoping to connect with a powerful Cuban drug lord while he also investigates the plane's and train's disappearance.

Amidst several murder attempts, Moore finds himself challenged to survive – especially when two characters appear from Moore's past who could reveal his true identity.

Assisted by a Cudjoe Key defense contractor, Moore is transported covertly to Cuba There he encounters a seductive Georgia woman searching for her lost brother, a DEA agent, and the two team up to infiltrate the drug lord's lair in the towering Sierra Maestra mountains.

After a series of mishaps, a seriously wounded and barely alive Moore flees down the mountainside into the jungle with his pursuers hot on his heels. Will he survive this deadly adventure?

Flight is a colorfully-cast novel with a mix of tantalizing clues and unpredictable turns that captures the flavor of island life in Key West and Cuba.

Author Bio

Bob Adamov is an award-winning Ohio mystery adventure author whose stories are based in the Lake Erie South Bass Island resort village of Put-in-Bay, the "Key West of the Midwest." His novels follow the adventures of Washington Post investigative reporter Emerson Moore, and are written in the style of Adamov's favorite author, Clive Cussler.

Adamov was the featured author at the 2006 Ernest Hemingway Days' Literary Festival in Key West and named Writer of the Year by the University of Akron's Wayne College in 2010. Adamov has also presented for several of the Clive Cussler Collectors' Society conventions.

The first Emerson Moore novel, Rainbow's End, was a finalist as the top fiction novel for the 2003 Great Lakes Book Award competition that was won by the Pulitzer Prize-winner, Middlesex. His novels have won awards at the New York Book Festival, Hollywood Book Festival, London Book Festival, Great Midwest Book Festival, Florida Book Festival and the Indie Awards.

A graduate of Kent State University, Adamov resides in Wooster Ohio. He can often be seen in Put-in-Bay, Key West and the Cayman Islands with his scuba diving and treasure hunting friends. Previously, he worked for an Arlington, Virginia-based defense contractor in the intelligence sector.

Adamov is drafting his thirteenth novel – Assateague Dark.