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Essentials Of The Language Of Conscience

Tieman Dipple

Texas Peacemaker Publications
The purpose of Essentials of the Language of Conscience is to build a moral decision matrix on ethics, to avoid moral hazard in public policy, and to create an educated citizen of responsibility.
Author Bio
Tieman H. Dippel, Jr. is the former President of the Texas State Chamber of Commerce and East Texas Chamber of Commerce. He is also the former Chairman and President of the Texas Lyceum Association and former Chairman of Texans for Quality Education, Inc. He is the recipient of the John Ben Shepperd Forum, 1990 Outstanding Texas Leader Award. He is the author of numerous publications including the books, The New Legacy and The Language of Conscience (Foreword Magazine Finalist for Philosophy Book of the Year). He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He was also the Business School class valedictorian.