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All the Targets

A Novel of International Intrigue

Noah Bond

Mission Investments
After a nuclear attack on the West Coast, the new President embarks on a bold plan to end the root cause of Islamic terrorism. Enter the amateur jihadist with his home-made bombs, who quickly finds himself in over his head. The White House struggles to gain control as an assassin, hijackers, kidnappers and a renegade CIA officer continually change the situation. And a lovely rock 'n roller tries to poison the leader of North Korea on behalf of a New Jersey gang. It's international intrigue with a twist.
Author Bio
Noah Bond is the author of four suspense novels, four screen plays, one screen treatment, and more than two dozen songs. He practiced law in Fort Lauderdale before devoting his full time to writing, which provided insight into human behavior and access to different lifestyles. He has studied the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mexico. His target audience is himself.