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Doorstep of Depravity

Noah Bond

Mission Investments
Solo Attorney Grace O' Higgins has a new client. Kay is a skinny graduate student with an unusual problem: she must prove that she is married or lose her substantial inheritance. She has no prospects. She has no money. She has one month. Her wealthy cousins will inherit if Kay doesn't. They've retained the best law firm in town to stop her, but Grace likes a challenge. She won't allow her client to be victimized. While Grace maneuvers in court, Kay negotiates in secret with the other heirs. When they spurn her offers, the tactics quickly progress from unorthodox to deadly. People die. Money vanishes. Then the unthinkable happens.
Author Bio
Noah Bond is a novelist, songwriter, and screen writer. Before that, he was an attorney in Fort Lauderdale. His stories do not contain profanity, although they are for adults.