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Cows are Out!

Two Decades on a Maine Dairy Farm

Trudy Price

Islandport Press
In this bittersweet memoir of two decades of dairy farming, Trudy Chambers Price writes of the daily trials of haying, cow breeding, and milking against a backdrop of gentle and entertaining rural life. The work was never-ending and exhausting, but also exhilarating and rewarding. She introduces kind neighbors, eccentric neighbors, visiting city folk, and loveable pets. The Cows Are Out! is a tribute to hard-working family farmers and to an important part of the nation's historical and cultural heritage.
Author Bio
Trudy Chambers Price was born in Island Falls, Maine, and grew up in the Aroostook County town of Caribou. Her family has lived in the county for more than five generations. She was one of three children, and like most county youths, she earned money by picking potatoes, starting at age ten and working for twenty-five cents a barrel. In 1966, she and her husband purchased a 150-acre dairy farm where they worked together for the next twenty-three years. The Cows Are Out! is also the result of that effort, begun on a typewriter in her old farmhouse on Knox Ridge.