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The Quilters Book of Design, Expanded 2nd Edition

Ann Johnston

164 pages
Ann Johnston

The Quilter's Book of Design, Expanded 2nd Edition

  • is a serious and accessible guide
  • with over 350 examples - all of fabric
  • gives starting-place techniques,
  • has brief end-of-chapter workshops
  • offers full-length projects
  • is oriented to developing the individual voice.
  • “is written by a quilter for quilters, demystifying the subject of design. Ann uses hundreds of quilts to illustrate in a very practical way how design concepts function and interact. This book will inspire creativity and clarify the artmaking process.”

    --Judy B. Dales, fiber artist, teacher, lecturer, author, curator, Greensboro, VT

    “I was amazed at the depth of wonderful ideas and concise directions that guide the reader into the process of creating unique quilts. This book is a must-have for all who are interested in improving their personal style.”

    --Yvonne Porcella, artist, teacher, author, founder SAQA, Modesto, CA

    "Ann Johnston has a real gift for making learning one of the driest subjects possible into an engaging and effective adventure. In QBD2, the thoughts are three-dimensional: it’s so lush, it’s conceptually like a pop-up book of Johnston’s extremely fascinating body of work, used seductively to keep us hooked on design. Throughout the book, extreme close-ups of her works give us intimate and graphic understandings of her surfaces. Keep reading and using her very accessible and practical exercises with your own fabrics!"

    --Susan Shie, artist, Wooster, OH

    “is a thorough introduction to the organizational principles that inform not only quilt design, but also flatwork of all kinds. It is wonderfully clear in its layout and in the marriage of text and supporting visuals. This contribution to design literature should be on the bookshelf of anyone who makes quilts or has an interest in two-dimensional design.”

    --David Hornung, Chair, Department of Art, Adelphi University, New York, NY

    “If there is a design bible for quilters, this is it. The richness of information and the wealth of practical advice make it an indispensable tool. Complex concepts are delivered with clarity and strength. It helps to build confidence and provides guidance to explore ideas with a purpose.”

    --Alicia Merrett, quilt artist, London, UK