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Good Kids, Difficult Behavior

Joyce Divinyi

147 pages
Wellness Connection
Why did my child do this? How could this have happened? A step-by-step guide that answers these questions and teaches parents, teachers, and other professionals practical ways to work with even the most non-responsive, discipline-resistant, hostile or otherwise difficult children and teens. Proven techniques for bringing about positive changed.

In this simple, easy and fast reading book you will learn:
  • Why traditional disciplinary methods often backfire with difficult children
  • How to establish conflict prevention conditions within your work setting
  • How voice, body language and creativity can promote or discourage cooperative behavior
  • How to prevent or defuse antagonistic responses; how to help impulsive children to think before they act
  • How to communicate effectively with parents of difficult children
  • How to avoid burn out and take care of yourself when working with difficult children
  • guidelines for working with Attention Deficit Disorder children
  • Ten basic principles for encouraging positive, compliant behavior, guidelines for positive communication with difficult children
  • Crisis intervention strategies for regaining control of an out-of-control situation.