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To Woman in Love

A Book of Letters

Barry Long

263 pages
Barry Long Books
Barry Long received many letters from women all around the world who had been touched or inspired by his teachings on love and sex. This intimate correspondence is featured in the book 'To Woman In Love'. Here you will find the spiritual advice he gave to individual women about their relationships with parents and children, and especially with the men in their lives. The heart of the book is Barry Long's challenge to women to always put love first - above everything else. We read their moving exchanges with the teacher, as they struggle with the guidance they are given, and then overcome their fear and self-doubt.
Author Bio
Barry Long was known as a spiritual teacher who could speak intimately about love and the predicaments that women encounter in man's world. Usually spiritual teachers get most of their questions from serious young men. Barry Long's ability to deal with women's questions at his meetings drew them to him in increasing numbers. Alone among teachers of his generation, he was willing to speak openly about love and sex. And even though many of his answers were hard to take, it was apparent that his female audience was deeply touched by what he said.