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A Guide to Spiritual Life with Self-Study Program for Learning the Integral Way

Daoshing Ni

Sevenstar Communications
During the early 1980's Gary Jenkins became one of the first painting instructors on television in the United States. His television show, called Jenkins Art Studio, aired on about 130 television stations annually for over 16 years, making it the longest running art show to produce new series each year. When Gary met his wife Kathwren, they began their own video tape production company. They were the first artists in the U.S. to produce How-To oil painting instructional videos. During their long 35+ year professional career, Gary and Kathwren have demonstrated at many major art conventions, shown in some of the most well-known art galleries in California and have many of their original paintings put into print and sold nationally. Gary and Kathwren still continue to develop their well-known style of painting, being especially noted for their famous Jenkins Poppies and Roses. Gary and Kathwren are once again hosting their new international television series The Beauty of Oil Painting on PBS. They are looking forward to taping many more television series and producing new instructional DVD's. Gary and Kathwren currently reside in Carson City, Nevada, USA. Together they have four children, six grandchildren and one great grandchild.
Author Bio
Daoshing Ni, Ph. D. Dr Ni trained in the Taoist spiritual and healing arts first under the guidance of his father Hua-Ching Ni, completing his training in Chinese Medicine at universities in the US and China. He continues his family’s tradition as a 38th generation practitioner with a busy practice in Santa Monica, California. Maoshing Ni, Ph. D. Dr. Ni trained in Oriental Medicine at Universities in the US and China. He also inherited the knowledge of 38 generations of practitioners through his father and other well known teachers of Traditional Medicine and Taoist healing Arts.