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Mediating With Children-The Art of Concentration and Centering

A Workbook on New Educational Methods Using Meditation

Deborah Rozman

168 pages
Integral Yoga Publications
The newly revised edition of the classic Meditation with Children incorporates Dr. Rozman's popular, proven techniques for meditation with a powerful new focus on the heart. Teaching children to center in the heart adds balance and self-esteem, improves decision-making and puts children in touch with their deeper core values. Meditating with Children has been used successfully by educators across the country in public, private and home schools and as a textbook for many Sunday School Programs.
Author Bio
After receiving her doctorate in psychology Deborah Rozman, Ph. D. founded a private elementary school and international teacher-training center called Evergreen School, which received much praise and acknowledgement. Since 1973 Dr. Rozman has taught transpersonal psychology, parent-child awareness groups, personal growth and development. She is the author of three children's tapes, three books and has edited numerous others. Today she is the Executive Vice President for HeartMath LLC, the educational company for the Institute of HeartMath, and is developing programs for families, counselors, educators and business professionals. Deborah has been on numerous radio and television shows, written many articles and was listed in Who's Who in California.