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Strengths-Based Resilience Workbook

Tayyab Rashid

168 pages
Hogrefe Publishing Corporation
Do you want to learn skills that focus on strengths that will help you become more resilient? And be able to integrate these skills into your daily life? Then this 14 module strengths-based resilience program will help you do just that with an approach that has been proven to work. You will learn how to:- Integrate mindfulness, relaxation, and gratitude into your daily self-care routine- Explore your own story of resilience- Learn to be more flexible in your thinking- Identify and use strengths to solve problems- Incorporate slowness and savoring- Practice positive communication for healthier relationships- Contribute to community by learning to do the good you can- Find a sense of meaning by exploring your past and future selfEach module is clearly structured with step-by-step instructions, listing the practice elements and goals for each session. The book is full of tips so you can start developing the skills now and make changes that will help you flourish in life.
Author Bio
Tayyab Rashid; PhD, CPsych; Health & Wellness Centre, University of Scarborough, Toronto, ON, Canada