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Behavior and Medicine

Danny Wedding

350 pages
Hogrefe Publishing Corporation
A uniquely “human” textbook to prepare students for behavioralsciences examinations – comprehensive, up-to-date, with a clinicalemphasis, and illustrated with artwork, quotations, and poetryThe latest edition of this popular textbook on the behavioral andsocial sciences in medicine has been fully revised and updated tomeet the latest requirements on teaching recommended by theNational Academy of Medicine. It is an invaluable resource forbehavioral science foundation courses and exam preparation in thefields of medicine and health, including the USMLE Step 1. Its 23chapters are divided into five core sections: mind–body interactionsin health and disease, patient behavior, the physician's role,physician–patient interactions, and social and cultural issues inhealth careUnder the careful guidance and editing of Danny Wedding, PhD,Distinguished Consulting Faculty Member, Saybrook University,Oakland, CA, and Margaret L. Stuber, MD, Professor of Psychiatryand Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA, nearly 40 leading educatorsfrom major medical faculties have contributed to produce this welldesignedtextbook.The following unique features of Behavior and Medicine make it oneof the most popular textbooks for teaching behavioral sciences:• Based on the core topics recommended by the NationalAcademy of Medicine• Numerous case examples, tables, charts, and boxes forquick access to information• Resources for students and instructors, including USMLEstylereview Q & As• Specific “Tips for the Step” in each chapter guide learning• The use of works of art, poetry, and aphorisms “humanize”the material to be learnt• Comprehensive, trustworthy, and up-to-date• Competitive price
Author Bio
Danny Wedding; PhD, MPH; Berkeley, CA