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Bereavement After Traumatic Death

Helping the Survivors

220 pages
Hogrefe Publishing Corporation
Authoritative guidance written in a wonderfully simple and straightforward way on helping the bereaved cope after the traumatic death of a loved one\n\nUnless forced by circumstances people in modern societies go to great lengths to deny death to the extent that even death of a loved one from natural causes tends to catch us unprepared and unable to cope with its consequences. Death as the result of a sudden catastrophic event (traffic accident suicide a natural disaster…) can have even more extreme effects sometimes striking survivors so violently and painfully that it leaves an indelible mark.\n\nThis book speaks about the consequences of such traumatic deaths in a wonderfully simple and straightforward way. The authors describe step by step what happens to people after the sudden death of a family member or close friend the difficulties they face in coping and how professionals and volunteers can help. With their wide experience both personally and as internationally renowned authorities they have written a book for professionals and volunteers who deal with bereavement in language in language that is accessible to all so it will also help those who have suffered a traumatic loss themselves to understand what to expect and how to get help.\n\nFrom the contents:\nThe Loss of a Beloved One: Theories on Adaption\nReactions to a Traumatic Death\nSurviving Suicide\nGrief in the Family\nSocial Networks as a Source of Support\nSupport From Work and School Environments\nDream Symbols and Mourning\nSuicide After a Loss or Around Anniversary Times\nSurviving the Suicide of a Patient: A Traumatic Loss for Therapists\nPostvention: How to Organize It\nHelping in Complicated Bereavement Situations\nReciprocal Support and Self-Help Groups\nTraumatic Bereavement and the Management of Support Groups\nSpreading Awareness for Bereavement Support: Working With the Media\nSpreading Awareness: The Charter of Rights of Suicide Survivors and Other Activities\nIs Suicide Bereavement Different? Evidence From Case-Control Studies\nSuicide Postvention for Different Groups in Different Cultures: All Different All the Same?\nFuture Perspectives on Assisting the Bereaved