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Walking Like Jesus

Studies in the Character of Christ

Larry E. McCall

160 pages
BMH Books
This challenging but easy-to-read handbook helps Christians better understand what it means to walk as Jesus did. McCall explains that mirroring the character of Jesus should be the normal pattern of life for a Christian. The author lays out 14 character traits of Jesus’ life, and he explains how those traits can and should be reflected in the daily lives of Jesus’ followers. Field-tested discussion questions make the book a “natural” for small-group use.
Author Bio
Larry McCall has been a pastor at Christ’s Covenant Church in Warsaw/Winona Lake, Ind. since 1981. He earned a bachelors’ degree in New Testament Greek (cum laude) and a master of divinity degree from Grace College and Grace Theological Seminary. In 1993, McCall received a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Ill.