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The Pattern of God's Truth

The Integration of Faith and Learning

Frank E. Gaebelein

118 pages
BMH Books
At the heart of all thinking about education, whether Christian or secular, lies the problem of integration. To adopt a philosophy of education is not the same as integrating that philosophy into all the parts–curriculum, student activities, administration, and more. This book is written by an evangelical Christian, committed to high doctrine and a worldview based on biblical truth, whose primary consideration is Christian education. Its pages seek to help educators who are Christian achieve a living union between Christianity and education.
Author Bio
Frank E. Gaebelein was the founding headmaster of the Stony Brook School on Long Island, New York. He served as headmaster for 41 years and as headmaster emeritus for another 20. He considered his work there to be his most important accomplishment. He wrote 14 books, served as an editor of the New Scofield Reference Bible and the magazine Christianity Today, was style committee chairman for the New International Version Bible translation, and at his death was general editor of the Expositor’s Bible Commentary. A popular lecturer and Bible teacher, he was also a devoted musician and an avid mountain climber.