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Stranger than Fiction

A Partial Record of Answered Prayer in the Life of Dr. Florence N. Gribble

Florence N. Gribble

249 pages
BMH Books
Dr. Florence Gribble's record is an inspiring story of the detailed and individual way in which God provides for those who put Him first. When God gets men and women to obey Him without flinching, and to follow His Son Jesus Christ without swerving, it seems as if He takes especial delight in showing that for them literally nothing shall be impossible. All nature is under His sway, and all history is under His control; so them that honor Him, He honors, and often in signal and striking ways, as this book records. It is a story of missionary heroism. "Undaunted" is a word that Dr. Gribble uses as a description of her deceased husband. How true it is of her own attitude, and of her fellow-workers, this book amply illustrates. May the story of God's great faithfulness, and of the fragile but radiant lady doctor whose unswerving loyalty to Christ's call so unmistakably (though unintentionally) shines through, be used by the Holy Spirit to challenge and stimulate our faith and daring, and to summon forth not only more prayer, but more volunteers for the work of the Cross in Central Africa.
Author Bio
Florence Newberry Gribble (1879-1942) along with her husband, James Gribble, served as missionaries in French Equatorial Africa.