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Trine Immersion

in the Light of Scripture and Church History

James Sweeton

21 pages
BMH Books
This history booklet expands on a presentation given at the annual meeting of the National Fellowship of Brethren Ministers in August 1961. It outlines the basis for baptism by trine immersion throughout the Old and New Testaments, as well as its use in church history.
Author Bio

Rev. James Sweeton was born in Los Angeles, California and spent his high school years in Long Beach, California.

He continued his education at the University of California Los Angeles, and John Brown University where he attained his Bachelors Degree. He then attended Grace Theological Seminary in Indiana and received his Masters of Divinity. He received his doctorate in Religious Philosophy at the University of Chicago.

He served as Pastor at Grace Brethren church in Mansfield, Ohio; Wheaton, Illinois; and Johnstown, PA. While in Wheaton, IL he taught religious theology at Wheaton College. He was considered a leader of his denomination in the United States. His Master’s thesis at Grace is still required reading in religion classes at Grace Seminary.