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An Introduction to the Metaphysical Thought of John Peckham

Text and Translations of Selected Quodlibetal Questions and the Summa de Esse et Essentia with Commentary

Franziska van Buren

138 pages
Marquette University Press
This book presents an introduction to the metaphysical thought of the scholastic Franciscan, John Peckham (c. 1240-1292). Two translations of Peckham's works are provided for the reader: seven of Peckham's Quodlibetal Questions and the entire text of the Summa de Esse et Essentia. In addition, the reader will two introductory chapters. The first contains some basic information about the man, John Peckham, as well as background information concerning the main issues and debates of his day. The second contains comments on and explanations of the philosophical ideas laid out in the translated texts. This chapter is organized both topically and by text, so that the chapter can be utilized both as an overview of the positions which Peckham presents in the Summa de Esse et Essentia and the Quodlibets, as well as a reference for the reader as they work through the translated texts themselves.
Author Bio
Franziska van Buren received her PhD in Philosophy from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and her MA from Fordham University in New York. She is currently studying at the De Wulf-Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy at KU Leuven in Belgium. Her research is focused in the areas of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Cosmology, Physics, and the Philosophy of Science.