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You've Got Libya

A life serving the Muslim world

Greg Livingstone

320 pages
SPCK Group
Greg Livingstone has spent a lifetime planting churches in Muslim communities and can testify to the life-changing power of the gospel in even the most unpromising circumstances. This is his autobiography. Unwanted at birth and born out of wedlock no-one would have considered that Greg Livingstone would become a pioneer in missions to unreached Muslim peoples. You've Got Libya charts his journey and his adventures. This first-hand narrative is full of compelling humor and self-depreciating honesty as Livingstone travels all over the world proclaiming the Gospel. The result is a page turning tour de force that urges the reader to pursue God unreservedly and to join with Him in the adventure of pursuing the lost. Greg's burden for the millions of Muslims who had no gospel witness amongst them led to the launching of Frontiers, a mission agency focusing exclusively on church planting amongst Muslim communities. Today, Frontiers is a movement of more than 1,000 field workers in nearly 50 countries.
Author Bio
Greg Livingstone and his wife Sally are Americans, based in Britain. They have spent 50 years ministering in a multitude of places including India, Lebanon, Germany, the United States, England and Malaysia. Greg was instrumental in founding both Operation Mobilization and Frontiers. He served as the Director of Arab World Ministries North America, and assists the Muslim work of the Evangelical Presbyterian church's World Outreach.