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Stand Up and Deliver

A nervous rookie on the comedy circuit

Andy D W Kind

192 pages
SPCK Group
Highly entertaining account of a young man's first year as a rookie comedian. His comedy is focused on the world rather than the church, and he gigs regularly around the country - average three times a week. He has a considerable following through the churches but also does a great deal of work through the mainstream comedy circuit. He has performed regularly at all the main Christian events. "The book represents my first year in the world of comedy. The book will chart the reality of life on the comedy circuit - and how those ups and downs affect my faith, my relationships, my goals etc. It is also about a 25 year old slightly at odds with his environment. The gigs are a stepping stone for observations on life in general. I want to provide good quality humour that faces outwards and talks about life in general, rather than looking inwards and seeing the funny side of church."
Author Bio
Andy Kind is an award-winning comedian, one of the pioneers behind the wave of Clean Comedy hitting the UK circuit. He has appeared on BBC1 andRadio 5Live and performs to live audiences of about 10,000 people a year.